Travel to Sri Lanka is absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sri Lanka is blessed with incredibly lovely locals, beautiful beaches, fantastic wildlife and scenery, and excellent local food. These are just a few of the reason to travel Sri Lanka.

If you are still planning your next trip or vacation, and you haven’t decided yet what kind of travel experience you want (Amazing beaches? Maybe a bit of nature? Perhaps you want to see temples and experience new cultures?), then this post is for you.

Golden beaches, great surfing waves, and dazzling nature are just few of the reasons why you should travel to Sri-Lanka.

I’ve traveled many places around the world, and I have seen amazing sights and met many friendly (and unfriendly) local people, but Sri Lanka was defiantly a special place for me.
At first, I thought to myself, “What the hell is there to do in Sri Lanka?!” After being in India and Thailand, it sounded like a bit of a boring place. Well, boring is the last word I’d use to describe this fantastic place.

I just came back from a vacation in Sri Lanka, still excited by this once in a lifetime experience.
In this post, I have compiled the main reasons I so profoundly connected to Sri Lanka, and why I think you should visit it.


01. The Beaches

 There is more than 1,300 km of sandy beaches.

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean surrounded by 1,300 km of strips of golden sand and crystal clear water. With such a variety of beaches, surely you’ll find your favorite beach strip! Each beach is different in its way. One may have calm, tranquil waters, while another is rougher and more suitable for surfing. One may be covered with coconut trees that give shelter from the burning sun, while another is bare.

Like other places around the world, there are recommended seasons to travel to the different areas of Sri Lanka, but you’ll be able to find a sunny beach in almost every month of the year.

For those who enjoy surfing, I would recommend visiting the Hikkaduwa, Weligama, and Mirissa beaches that are located in the southwestern part of the island. There are countless other beaches, but to name them all would require an entirely separate post.

Mirissa Beach Sri Lanka.
Mirissa Beach Sri Lanka.

02. The People

The Sri Lankan people are curious about tourists and always willing to offer their help.

For those who have been to India, this will sound familiar: The locals often stare at tourists and will make you feel like a superstar from Hollywood.
It’s normal, so just calm down! The locals will be so curious about you! They will want to know– where you are from and why you are visiting their country; sometimes, they will try to contact you for a short conversation, and they might eventually ask you if you need help, or even invite you to stay in their home.

Out of all the countries to which I’ve traveled, the Sri Lankan people have absolutely been the friendliest and most welcoming.
During my stay, I met a lot of local people who helped me get to different places; with some of them, I drank a beer, and almost all of them invited me to stay in their homes.

Sri Lankan Coconut Seller on Hikkaduwa Beach. Sri Lanka Travel Post

03. The Nature

There are many national parks in Sri Lanka, with plenty of animals and stunning views.

In recent years, Sri Lanka has become a popular attraction for many nature lovers, and understandably so! The island is blessed with more than 100 national parks and rainforests that have an enormous biodiversity of animals (e.g., tigers, elephants, bears, etc.) and plants. These parks are comfortable to visit during most parts of the year.

04. The Weather

Sri Lanka is convenient for visiting during most of the year.

The weather on the island is tropical, with high humidity, and the average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. The weather is variable depending on the area of the island, and is generally divided between a “wet season” and a “dry season”.
The rainy season is rainy and less comfortable for visiting since the rain can “catch” for almost all the day.

The best season to visit the Eastern side is from April – September.
If you want to visit the Western side of the island, then the best months will be between November – April.
The Southern coast is best to visit from late November – April.

Visiting in these months doesn’t guarantee you a dry trip, since – as I mentioned – it is a TROPICAL area. Even in the dry season, rain can catch you for hours.
The different weather in each region of the island makes it a country that can be visited year-round.

Check the Weather in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a year-round destination with two monsoon seasons; Sri Lanka weather

05. The Food

Who said “Rotti”?

Food is a significant part of every trip (at least it is for me :] ). For those who like trying and tasting new dishes and flavors, Sri Lanka will definitely succeed in delightfully surprising you.
Sri Lankan cuisine is similar to Indian cuisine and is mainly based on legumes, vegetables, and lots of spices! The dishes are not complex, and each dish is prepared from scratch in the restaurants (This is why you’ll have to be patient and wait a decent amount of time for your meal).
Therefore,  if you eat a certain dish at a restaurant and ask for the same meal at another restaurant, don’t expect the same taste.

If you are tired of curry and rice, you’ll be able to find plenty of fresh seafood dishes at ridiculously low prices, and of course, we can’t forget the legend, Rotti, which is the island’s most famous food.

06. Sri Lanka Is Not Yet Full Of Tourists

Even though every year, more tourists are visiting the island, it’s still not(!) crowded.

Unlike its neighbors, Sri Lanka is not yet crowded with tourists. Don’t get me wrong! Some towns and places are loaded with tourists, but the amount of them is relatively small.
The number of tourists visiting the island is much less when compared to its neighboring nations; for example, the number of tourists who visited Sri Lanka in 2013 was 1.2 million, while in India that year, it was about 5.5 million visitors, and in Thailand alone, there were approximately 20 million tourists.

I don’t think that Sri Lanka could handle these amounts of visitors, but it’s a fact that the number of people who visit the island is steadily increasing over the years. So, this is the time to visit this country,  before it becomes too crowded and .loses its authenticity.

Sri Lanka has all the ingredients for a surfing holiday. Sri Lanka Surf holiday guide with tips and best surfing spots, and beaches to visit.

07. The Cost

The island is cheap and can fit any budget!

It doesn’t matter what kind of trip you are planning (safari, beach, cultural experience, etc.); in Sri Lanka, you will be able to plan a journey that can fit any budget, .especially compared to other destinations in South East Asia.

Although the ticket price is not low to fly to Sri Lanka, it certainly is offset by the affordable in-country expenses, so don’t let the airline fares deter you.
For example,  the price of a meal can easily add up to $5; you can find accommodations ranging from a few dozen dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on your preferences; using the public transportation will cost you next to nothing…

Sri Lanka has all the ingredients for a surfing holiday. Sri Lanka Surf holiday guide with tips and best surfing spots, and beaches to visit.

08. Surfing is Widespread in Sri Lanka

Welcome to surfers heaven!

Sri Lanka is absolutely surfers heaven! Not in vain, surfers from all around the world visit the island throughout the year.
From beginners to advanced, they all come to surf Sri Lanka’s great waves.

Surfing is a major part of the locals’ way of life, so you’ll be able to find boarding rental (if you don’t want to bring your board) and repair services, as well as surfing lessons for all levels.
Sometimes, the main surfing point is a bit full with surfers, but don’t worry. Five minutes in a Riksha can find you surfing alone at another beach.

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Have you been to Sri Lanka? Please share your thoughts.
Planning travel to Sri-Lanka? I hope this post helped you 🙂



  1. Thank you for this post!
    Sri lanka is a great travel destination and there are way more than 8 reasons to travel there 🙂


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