Welcome to my blog, Going Out of Office!
I’m glad you’re here.



Hi there! I guess you’re here for a reason.. so let me introduce myself:

I’m Shahar,  and I was born with a passion for traveling and exploring the world. I felt it right away on my first trip abroad at the age of 16, when I visited Greece.

Since then, I’ve traveled over 24 countries.


I’m working in the advertising industry, which including a lot of stress, many hours of meetings and sitting in front of a screen. You probably know what I mean..

Writing about current and past travels makes me thrilled, helping me charging my batteries (from the 9-6 routine) and motivating me to keep dreaming and traveling as much as I can.

My biggest dream at the moment is taking a break from working and exploring the world. HELP ME to go out of office! 🙂


What this blog about?

Going Out of Office blog is for everyone!

While running this blog, I’m aiming for few things:

  • Share my travels experience from places I’ve been around the world.
  • Inspire people to travel.
  • Confront with the corporate daily 9-5 inertia, and trying to break it.

You can contact me for anything is just coming up in your mind.


Photo taken in Andaman Island
Photo was taken in Andaman Island