How to Manage Airbnb Remotely (and Travel with the Profits)

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Managing Airbnb Remotely Tips

People often wonder if they can manage their Airbnb and successfully rent their apartments and houses while they are away. The answer is YES. In fact, managing Airbnb remotely is easily achievable as long as you stick with these useful tips. Write them down or simply bookmark this page.

1. Keep it tidy

Of course, the most important thing is to keep your place clean and dust-free. You should do some extra cleaning before you leave. Alternatively, hire professional cleaners if you want to maximize the tidiness. One Australian survey showed that Australians believe that hosts should hire professional cleaners to create a hotel-like experience. The steps you should take before hiring a house cleaning service are, as follows:

  • Do your research
  • Read reviews
  • Hire the best cleaners
  • Give them instructions
  • Inspect the job

Since a majority of people travel with the suitcases and backpacks, you must give them space. This means that you must not leave any room in your house cluttered with unnecessary pieces of furniture.


2. Invest in extra safety measures

After you leave, it might be too late to double check things or solve all the problems yourself. That’s why you should first invest in the home controller, a device that helps you control your doors from an iPhone. Using this one also means that you can track the check-in history of your guests and receive e-mail alerts whenever someone locks or unlocks the doors. Of course, in order to use this device, you’ll first need to install a keypad entry system on the front door.

In addition, you should make sure that someone who you trust has extra keys in case that your guests forget to return their keys or if someone steals them. You can ask either your family member or a close friend living nearby to help you with this.

And, if you want to maximize safety, hire a company specializing in Airbnb property management in Sydney to have a trained individual screen your guests in person to make sure they fit your requirements. In addition, a property manager can take care of your page management, booking management, as well as check-ins and check-outs.

How to Run an Airbnb Business from Anywhere in the World


3. Provide all necessary information

Unless you’re fine with having guests calling you or sending you emails all the time, it’s in your best interest to provide all the relevant information before you leave.

For example, you can have a home maintenance checklist pinned to the front door of your house. This can be extremely useful for guests who will stay for a longer period of time. In addition, use sticky notes and envelopes to give all other information that could potentially protect your household items against damage. This can be particularly useful in case you believe your guests must follow your advice before using a stove, air conditioner, and the aforementioned keypad entry system.

Other vital pieces of information include available garage space, trash removal, as well as nearby bus stops, grocery shops, and restaurants. And, if you have noisy neighbors – make sure your guests get that information as well.


4. Read your reviews and use your experience to improve

In order to keep up with the latest trends in the Airbnb world, you’ll have to avoid making some of the common Airbnb hosting mistakes such as ignoring the competition, forgetting that Airbnb is all about hospitality, or ignoring your reviews. Make sure to carefully analyze reviews to notice if there’s a pattern pointing to some of your weaknesses as a host. Similarly, read as many hosting tips as you can to enhance your knowledge and improve your reputation.


As you can see, renting out your apartment or house on Airbnb while traveling is possible. However, before you hit the road, create a strategy to ensure that everything runs smoothly while you are away.



  1. Great tips!
    Managing airbnb inquiries can sometimes be a problem when away from your properties, but can be a great way to to generate a stable income. The key point as I see it, is keeping the reviews rocking.

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