Best Places To Stay In El Nido, Palawan | El Nido Hotels Review

Best Hotels to stay in El-Nido, Palawan

Thinking to travel to the Philippines, and planning to stay in El Nido?
You’re about to arrive one of the most beautiful destinations on earth!

Let me introduce you the El Nido Hotels Scene.. 🙂

Let’s review the best and the most value for money hotels in El Nido.

How to find the best hotels to stay in El Nido Palawan
El Nido from the air – Photo by Eibner Saliba on Unsplash

There are many places to see and tour in El Nido, you probably want to stay there for around a week (depends on the weather) to be able to enjoy everything this amazing place has to offer.
Over the past few years, more and more restaurants, attractions, shops, and hotels are popping, as more tourists are visiting El Nido.

However, El Nido hasn’t developed fast enough to serve the capacity of the tourists.
Therefore, this is the most important tip for you, if you about to visit El Nido:

Book Early!

When you plan to visit El-Nido, try to book a hotel as soon as you know the dates of your stay (at least 3-5 weeks in advance, even more, if you’re looking for the best and top-rated hotels – and there are no many of them).

Yes, also if you are traveling to El Nido during off-season… I can tell myself after being there a few months ago.

There are few areas you can stay in El Nido, which depends on your preferences, and travel purposes:

  • El Nido Town – the heart of the town, where you can find many hotels, restaurants, and places to rent scooters.
    You can easily book island hopping tour from the many tour operators that available here.
  • Corong Corong – 10 minutes from El Nido town, this beach is less crowded and you can find more comfortable hotels. Not much to do here.
    Island hopping is usually going out from this beach (don’t worry if you don’t stay in this area, probably a shuttle will be included once you’re booking any tour).
  • Marimegmeg Beach – This beach is developing over the time, and along a wide piece of stretched, beach you can find a few restaurants and lounges lying to the beach.
    You can get here with a short tricycle ride from the town – ~12 minutes, 150 php.
  • Las Cabanas beach – Located just near Marimegmeg Beach, This is a great place to relax.
  • Private Islands – More and more hotels are offering a unique experience of a private island, which you can book and stay for a few days.

El Nido offers a wide selection of accommodation for all budgets. The fact is that there are more cheap hotels to stay (especially in the town), which is great for backpackers and budget travelers.

If you’re looking for more spacious or high-class and even luxury places to stay, you can find them too, however, there is a limited selection, therefore I suggest booking ahead.

Most Value for Money Hotels and Resorts in El Nido, Palawan

These hotels are not necessarily cheap comparing to other hotels in the town, but they are providing the best value for your money, as we experienced.

El Nido Resorts

Now, if you traveling on a high budget, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking one of El Nido Resorts, which each one of then (four) is located on private islands.
These resorts are expensive and don’t fit most of the travelers budget, but I can say it was an amazing and unforgettable experience for us.

el nido hotels, Pangulasian Resort ,El Nido, Palawan, Philippines © Shachar | @GoingOOO
The view from Panuglasian pool

This is the perfect place to celebrate a honeymoon, take a proposal or just celebrating any other occasion.
YOU WON’T REGRET IT! (although your bank manager might be)

El Nido Pangulasian Resort | El Nido Palawan Hotels


  • Super warm staff
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unforgettable
  • Private Island
  • High variety of animals in the island
  • Great breakfast
  • All sports activities are included (kayaking, snorkeling, lagoon tours)

Check prices: Pangulasian Island

Miniloc IslandLagen Island

El Nido Resorts Official Website

El Nido Pangulasian Resort - bathroom, Best places to stay in El Nido
Canopy Room, Pangulasian Island – Bathroom

El Nido Mahogany – Corong-Corong

Mahogany Resort established in 2015 and located in Corong-Corong beach just a few meters from the water.
They offer spacious and cozy cottages and villas, that are well designed and comfortable.

Corong-Corong Beach during low tide, just in front of Mahogany Resort:


  • big, spacious villas/bungalows
  • tranquility and sumptuous garden
  • large private balcony
  • located just near the beach
  • Amazin Sunset view


  • although it’s located just on the beach, it’s hard to swim in this area due to the low tide.
  • 15 minutes walking to the town

Rooms: 7
Check prices: Mahogany Beach Resort

Coco Resort – Corong-Corong

You can read here my previous post, Coco Resort Review.
Coco resort is located just a few meters from Mahogany in Corong-Corong beach.
Both hotels are quite new, and so their facilities.

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  • Hotel rooms and facilities are new
  • garden, relaxing resort
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Big Balcony, with fan


  • Poor WiFi (to be honest it’s a common problem in the town)
  • a little bit pricey, but comparing other hotels – but worth it

Rooms: 8
Check Coco Resort Prices

El Nido Bayview Hotel

Bayview hotel is located in Barangay Corong-Corong, and to get there; you need to take a tricycle of rent scooters. (7 min)
The panoramic view from the hotel is breathtaking! And a perfect place to escape from the town of El Nido.


  • Fantastic view!
  • Excellent breakfast
  • Recommended booking the Seaview room
  • Great staff


  • Need to take lot of stairs to get the rooms
  • Tricycle is required whenever you want to get to the town

Rooms: 20

Check prices: Bayview Resort

Slide to see more photos of Bayview Hotel:

Rosanna’s Pension

This is a budget hotel, located just in the town of El Nido, few minutes of walking from the main road and the restaurants.
Rosanna's Pension Blacony with breakfast
The prices are low comparing to other places in the town, and so the accommodations quality, but the view from the balcony (2nd floor) is priceless, plus they serve an excellent breakfast.

Rosanna’s Pension can be a great place to stay if anyway you’re not planning to stay in the room too much…


  • Cheap
  • Lovely view from the balcony
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Great Location


  • Rooms are dark, not enough light
  • Not a spoiling hotel, but providing a great option to low budget travelers

Check prices: Booking.comTripadvisor, Expedia

View from Rosanna's Pension Room, El Nido Palawan
Rosanna’s Pension – Great view from the balcony

More places to stay, which we didn’t stay and can’t review:

Budget hotels:

Mid-range Hotels:

High Budget Hotels and Resorts:

Have you been to El Nido? Which hotel in El Nido do you recommend?
Please share with me in the comments below how was your experience!

Traveling to El Nido?
Check my quick and the only guide you need for Island Hopping in El Nido:

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  1. Beautiful photos! I visited Philippines back in 2010 but never made it to El Nido- surely I’ll have to head back, and will check one of these hotels!

    1. Hi Carol,

      El Nido is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, yet it still developing so I believe more and more tourists will visit there.


    1. Hi Andre,

      Pangulasian is definitely a real heaven! I could live there.
      I would try to look for deals on their website as they offer discounts from time to time to “early birds” and honeymooners.
      Enjoy your stay in El Nido!

    1. Hi Dima!
      If you like beaches aside nature you have to travel to The Philippines, particularly El Nido!
      Safe travel!

  2. Great hotels list!
    I agree most value for money hotels are Coco & Mahogany. If you have more budget defiantly need to check El Nido resorts.

  3. El Nido resort are defiantly among the best places to stay in el nido, for those who traveling with high budget.
    When we stayed in El Nido we had the chance to stay in few resorts in the town, which were great. I recommend on Coco resort for those who want to stay close to the town but still have a quit and private stay.

    1. Hi Kim, the easiest way to get El Nido from Manila is to take a flight to Puerto Princesa (I know that Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines have daily flights) which takes around 01:30 hours.

  4. We just came back from a week in El Nido, after traveling and snorkeling many places in the world, I must El Nido is one of the most beautiful.
    We took tour C and the conditions were perfect.

  5. Do you think 4 days will be enough for El Nido?
    We’re short with time and not sure if it’s worth getting there for just few nights.

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