When thinking about Europe as a travel destination, most people will think about museums and architecture and Inclement weather.

You do not have to go far away to Asia or the Caribbean to enjoy a sunny beach with golden sand.

If you live in Europe, you can take advantage of low-cost flights that reach almost every destination in Europe, including many awesome beaches.

These are the 5 most beautiful beaches in Europe, you should consider visiting when planning your next vacation. Enjoy!

1. Rabbit Beach – Sicily, Italy

I think in this case, we should start with some photos, and then give the details…

Lampedusa, Rabbit beach Sicily Italy. 5 most beautiful beaches in Europe
Rabbit Beach – Sicily, Italy. Photo by Dorli Photography.

Rabbit Beach, located in Sicily Italy, recently won the title for the most beautiful beach in the world!.

The beach itself is located on Lampdoza Island, which is quite small; its length is about 12 km, and it is about 3 km wide.

The white sand and the clear water reminds the vacationers of the Caribbean. The only way of getting to Lampdoza island is by a ferry from Sicily.


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