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Can you imagine yourself going on traveling without music? Well, I know I can’t..  check my favorite travel Music.

Many times on a trip you’ll “spend” a big part of the road from one place to other, a Good travel music playlist is a MUST.

Music is relaxing, cleaning our minds and most important – gives us inspiration and re-charging our motivation.

For people like me, music is a big part of my life, that’s why when going on a trip I spend a decent time to prepare my music playlist for the vacation/travel.

Music and traveling are not the same without each other.
Therefore the first thing I do as a preparation for a holiday or a trip is arranging my music on my MP3 player (actually I’m using my iPhone as my music player, which thanks to iTunes makes all the music arrangement to a nightmare… but let’s leave that for a different post).

Watching the fantastic view and listening to music. Maldives as seen from above. | best travel songs playlist, Maldives from above

As a second step for getting stuff packed and ready for a traveling, I’m taking quality headphones and speakers.

I like listening to music during the roads (buses, ferries, airplanes..) while staring at the evolving and changing views, or just sitting in a balcony or lying down in a hammock and cleaning my mind and my thoughts, in other words – reset my mind.

For me, it’s an integral part of any travel, since cleaning your mind really important after the busy and exhausting daily routine of working and taking care of the daily tasks, after all that’s why most of us are going on vacations.

Here is my list of best travel songs that I am ALWAYS taking with me on any trip, I hope you’ll like it and get inspiration for your own travel songs list:

Jack Johnson – Gone

Always reminds me on which side I should stay, and money have no meaning if you’re not happy with your life.

I’m a big fan of Jack Johnson, many of his songs are “speaks” to me and I’m taking all his last 3 albums. I can’t imagine a vacation without JJ’s music.

Bob Marley – Three little birds

You said beach vacation you said Bob Marley… his voice and songs are so related in my mind to vacations, even he meant for much more (sorry Bob).
What’s better than waking up with three little birds that tells you to stop worry and that every little thing is gonna be alright?

I had some tough deliberation while choosing one Bob’s songs between Three little birds or Redemption song, but after thinking which one is making me more optimistic and hopeful I chose the first one, there it is.

Chris Cornell – Doesn’t Remind me

If you are angry at me for relating this song to Chris and not Audioslave (which was a member in), you are right.
I’m referring to his acoustic version from “Songbook” album (which is not available on Youtube), but the original is good as well.

Dire Straits – How Long

No travel playlist is full without Dire Strait(!).
For me their full discography is a must when going on a vacation or when traveling.

I can repeat this song for a long time before moving to the next song, I find How Long relaxing and inspiring, especially the two solo parts.. nothing to say but Mark Knopfler is a king.

For some reason this song is not one of their famous, such a pity, it’s an AMAZING song!

Eddie Vedder – Rise

I really think that “Into the Wild” soundtrack is also a must have on every travel playlist!
I don’t know why (probably because of the movie) but this album always linking with freedom and peace of mind to me.
Eddie is well playing on the Ukulele and gives the album unique sound of freedom.

Derek and the Dominos – Key to The Highway

If your travel playlist is missing Eric Clapton, then it’s a big mistake! You must have at least one of his songs which are not Layla or Wonderful tonight (that there’s no doubt they are amazing).
This song is perfect for road tripping playlist; actually, all this album is legendary.

Oasis – Whatever

“I’m free to be whatever I Whatever I choose And I’ll sing the blues if I want” –there’s no need to say more.
This song always feels me up with energy and good mood for the rest of the day.


The lumineers – flowers in your hair

I really don’t know much about them, but this song has a great rhythm, the vocals are perfectly integrating with the guitar and the drums.

This short song in kind of intro for me to their great album.

The Rolling Stones – Don’t Stop

I’m always taking with me “40 licks” album which collects Rolling Stones greatest hits during their entire career.
“Don’t Stop” is full of energy, so don’t stop traveling!

OneRepublic – Good Life

I believe that each person has the power to choose what your life are going to be link – whether it sucks or amazing it’s all (at least most of it) up to you.
This song reminds me that life is great, especially when traveling! 🙂

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – Home

Home sweet home? Not yet, but “Home is wherever I’m with you.”

Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World

Traveling is always making me feeling like I’m on the top of the world, this song just reminds me it.

Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter

I admit that I have no idea what this song about (if you know I’d love to hear it from you), but the guitars with Eddie’s voice is always relaxing me.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge

I know that the obvious RHCP travel song is Road Trippin but Under the Bridge speaks to me much more.
If you’re a bass guitar player, I bet you have all their albums.

Coldplay – Speed of Sound

You know that when a specific song always reminds you something?
So that what always happens to me when listening to this song, it reminds me my travel to South America and associate with freedom, just like that.

Music is intervened so deeply in our life and memories and shaping them. You don’t have to travel to listen to music but if you do about to travel don’t forget to take with you, your favorite music.

Which songs do you include in your travel playlist?
Please share with me, I’d love to know and expand my list!


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